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What is Industry 4.0?
The fourth industrial revolution, a phrase coined in 2016, builds on the Digital Revolution. It has been marked by a sharp increase in connectivity, whereby billions of people and machines can now connect to each other. These interactions have given rise to interactions and insights on a completely different scale, which often bridge physical, digital and biological areas—and have the potential to generate new breakthroughs.
Industry 1.0
Mechanization and the introduction of steam and water power.
Industry 2.0
Mass production assembly lines requiring labor and electrical energy.
Industry 3.0
Automated productions using electronics and IT.
Industry 4.0
System autonomy, big data analytics, and machine-to-machine communication.
Our Solution
Industrial Use Cases
Mining industry use cases
In recent years, the global mining companies have come under major pressure. Fortunately, new digital technologies are now affordable enough and sufficiently scalable to be applied, creating the potential for new applications and breakthroughs that can enable mining producers to better optimize their material and equipment flow, monitor real time performance, increase mechanization through automation, schedule maintenance and anticipate mechanical failures among others. Research estimates that such digital innovations can create up to US$ 370 billion of value for the global mining industry by 2025.
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