A startup established by Indika Energy, Indonesia’s leading integrated energy company, with robust partnership network in digital connectivity, automation, and deep learning analytics, ZebraX aims to help clients effectively harness digital technology to bring their operations to the next level.

With ZebraX, you have access to global best practices in your field thanks to our partner’s extensive network and to Indika Energy Group’s industrial knowhow as a leader in mining, engineering, construction and shipping as the businesses that its subsidiaries are engaged in. As a result, our experienced implementation team has the expertise to guide your transformation by identifying solutions, putting together an effective work plan, and then working with your people to make sure it happens.

In addition, no upfront investment is required. Our partnership approach starts with a diagnostic where we will work together with our client to find where significant value can be realized through digital interventions, hence the efforts and investment are well justified. During the implementation, our reward-sharing engagement model can ensure that both the client’s and our interests are fully aligned. This is how sure we are that we at ZebraX can help you. Find out more.

Delivering real results. The ZebraX way.

Value proposition

ZebraX is uniquely positioned to partner with clients in Indonesia to assist their digital transformation in a hands-on manner

  • Proven platforms through partnerships with global solution provider, incl. start-up ecosystem

  • Value-driven implementation with expected payback in 12-18 months and risk-sharing implementation model

  • Capabilities built in Indonesia to provide support post-implementation

  • Local team understands what it takes to implement digital solution

Holistic Approach

Each client is different. Each business has unique strengths and characteristics. Understanding this, ZebraX customizes solutions for every client's specific needs and preferences. At the same time, we also realize that successful digital transformations address your business, technology and organization simultaneously. We have therefore evolved a holistic approach to ensure that your transformation is truly sustainable:

Invested in your success

We are highly invested in your success. We do diagnostics with you up front at no charge. Our reward-sharing compensation structure ensures that we only benefit when you do. If we don’t feel that we can add value, it’s in our interest to say so upfront so that we don’t waste your time, or ours.