Enabling Industry 4.0

Industrial IoT Device & Platform
Efficiently, automatically, accurately capture data from Man, Machine, Material

Integrated IoT devices to help companies/organization capture, manage, and analyze data to improve their operational efficiency.

Monitoring platform provides tracking to prevent deviations and possible operational failure at the earliest possible moment. (i.e. condition based monitoring dashboard and IoT device management)

Data Platform allows extracting knowledge and insights to create “Analytical Records” for reporting and for real-time condition-based monitoring

Interconnect and Gateway provides interoperability between device for data acquisition and application for further analysis.

Sensor devices detect and measure physical phenomenon (i.e. temperature, pressure, oil density, rpm, and vibration) and transform into electric signal.

Legacy system record and store analog records for operational management.

Integrated IoT devices with current, historical and projected data visualization with the following use cases: