Advanced Analytics Platform & Services
Produce data-driven, intelligent, actionable insight for Production, Logistic and Distribution, Sales and Marketing

Industrial machine learning to produce data-driven, intelligent, and actionable insight, providing our customers’ businesses with greater value.
Analyze & Activate
Data Analytics Platform
is a common data platform that integrates data discovery and access of key business activities from diverse sources
Control Tower Services
for advanced industrial data visualization
Advanced Analytics Services
to deliver data-driven, intelligent insight for performance optimization
Data Analytics Platform
Data Analytics platform for making sense of your data
Data Pipeline
  • Acquisition (Parse & Ingestion)
  • Preprocessing (Merge and Wrangling)
  • Deployment and Monitoring
Analytics Modelling
  • ML Model Training
  • ML Model Validation
Data Visualization
  • Exploration and Visualization
Control Tower Services
Advanced data integration and visualization services with analytics applications
Value Chain Performance Monitoring
  • Capabilities to ingest and wrangling your data in each value chain in unified data warehouse
  • Visualize each value chain key-performance metrics real-time and trend/historical to help monitor and decide next action to improve
  • Showing up data integrity (data upload status) by heatmap and give notification to corresponding manager
Asset Tracking Status
  • Capabilities to ingest and wrangling your asset status data
  • Visualize each asset status based on productivity, availability, and status
  • Provide value chain simulation to simulate/analyze stock level against target per value chain
  • Additional forecast capabilities based on use case required
Advanced Analytics Services
Deliver data-driven, intelligent insight for operational performance optimization
Our Advanced Analytics Service High Level Approach
Data Acquisition & Processing
  • Inspection data
  • Legacy sensors (PLC, DCS)
  • IoT sensors
  • Maintenance data
Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Modelling
  • Historical data analysis
  • Domain expert
Visualization & Decision Making
  • Predictions/simulations
  • Data visualization
  • Real-time data update
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