Digital Control Tower in Tug and Barge Industry

Radix EnggarmanahIoT Product LeadJanuary 21 2021

"Improving End to End Visibility, Team Accountability and Operation Excellence with Data Driven Insight”

Tug and Barge industry just like any marine logistics industry facing ever changing challenges to thrive in the market. To serve their client they have heavy investment in equipment (ship) and high expense in human capital (crew). Its high stake business with many elements can go wrong. It requires real time insight to monitor shipping operation on the ground and make strategic decision with most up to date information.

ZebraX, in collaboration with leading tug and barge company in Indonesia develop digital control tower solutions to solve this problem. The digital control tower provides two key elements as a solution.

  • Visibility. It provides organisation with visibility to identify what is actually going on in the ground based on actual data/report coming from personnel or other system integration. This capability enables leaders to test action items and continuous improvement with immediate result feedback making it more agile to run the business.
  • Analytics. It becomes supporting tools to conduct root cause analysis of any business issue/deviation. Even further, it helps leaders to do simulation or what if scenario for particular defined use case. However, more complex data analytics process requires different approach and digital solution that could be integrated to Digital Control Tower.

Having real time insight in term of end to end business process visibility and pattern or visibility of overall operations helps leaders to monitor the business, define area for improvement, and conduct accurate decision making.

Benefit that can be achieved with Digital Control Tower implementation:

  • Single source of truth information. Process information across departments and showing it in the dashboard, removing efforts to collect each of them with potential error in consolidation. Many organisation not just relying on one systems only and not all the data has been digitalised and need to be consolidated manually. It requires significant amount of time to crunch the data to get valuable insight.
  • Real time performance information. What happened in operation is immediately shown to leaders and subject to be immediately discussed/strategised with their team. Missing information can be identified as late report submission from respective personnel/department. With digital control tower it’s easy to convey information to the whole organisation to achieve common goal.
  • Accurate information to conduct immediate action. With data that has been collected in the real time with many different sources to get holistic insight. It’s easy to analyse the data and strategise potential improvements. Accurate and immediate decision making on any outliers/operation deviation can be executed and monitored.
  • Improve team ownership and collaboration. Each team play a key role for organisation success. It can’t be achieved if the team play shift responsibility when something goes wrong. With data transparency all the key metrics and performance for each team can be better visualised and shared to whole organisation. This gives better sense of ownership and easy collaboration between team.

Many aspects in the tug and barge operations and can be monitor and optimised with realtime monitoring, 360 view and analytics capability in the digital control tower.

  • Realtime Monitoring. Realtime monitoring provides visibility of the current asset location and activity to ensure operations can run smoothly with minimum disruption. In the event that there is unexpected issue, it can be identified quickly and the intervention can be done on the timely manner.


                                                                                       Realtime Monitoring Dashboard
  • 360 View. 360 view aggregates all asset data to provide comprehensive insight into our asset, on how this asset maintained, operated and serve the client. With this view, it’s easy to understand the source of the problem, whether it’s technical, operations or unwanted weather factor. It’s easy to address the problem and make room for improvement if we can identify it without much hassle to consolidate data manually.


                                                                                                360 View Dashboard
  • Analytic Dashboard. Analytic dashboard provide important metric that can measure business performance from current achievement as well comparison to previous period. It’s able to provide insight whether current business initiatives give positive impacts. Any area that is below initial plan can be highlighted and strategic business decision can be made to address it.


                                                                                                  Analytic Dashboard
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