Marine Logistics Tracking

Vessels location and status monitoring enhanced with advanced analytics
Industrial IoT
Marine Logistics

Marine logistics often means no real-time and continuous monitoring after the ship has sailed. With minimum visibility on the data for each voyage, companies are having very limited capability to improve their vessels and overall business profitability.


Being able to monitor vessels’ location, speed, course, status (on-off, active-idle), and fuel consumption in near real-time through a centralized Control Center to identify operational deviations and enable timely intervention.


Our specifically designed, marine logistics IoT device help to track location, course, speed, and status. With alert/notification on any operational deviation based on predefined rules, operator at the control center able to intervene and communicate with the crew whenever needed. And using the historical statistics on operational performance we can use it for further analytics enhancement like optimizing fuel consumption and improving overall productivity.

  • Provide accurate and near real-time location and status of the vessels using satellite connectivity
  • Minimize time spent on idle status
  • Increase available running hours
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