Digital Control Tower

Provides a single source of truth and drives a fact-based decision-making process​
Advanced Analytics
Mining, Power, Oil & Gas

In this Digitalization era, the use of Data plays an important role in the company’s business. Moreover, they also need to have visibility on their current end-to-end process in order to identify which area requires improvement leveraging digital intervention. As part of the Industry 4.0 revolution in Indonesia, we provide the Digital Control Tower as a fundamental step on the digital journey of any organization due to its capabilities in Data Visibility and Data Analytics.


Implements the real-time visibility of operation across the value chain to monitor the business, define the area for improvement, and conduct accurate decision making which beneficial for the leaders.


As we provide the implementation of the “Operation Value Chain Performance Monitoring​” and “Asset Performance Monitoring” in Indonesia, the provided data are produced by ingesting your company’s data in each value chain in a unified data warehouse​. Later on, the data are visualized in each value chain key-performance metrics real-time and trend/historical to help monitor and decide the next action be taken by the leaders. The data flow is certainly provided with total transparency and visibility of asset operations in near real-time.

  • Provides real-time performance information​ with faster report production
  • The ability to preview the production and sales pipeline to match product offering and market demand
  • The provided single source of truth dashboard information is able to be utilized for the company’s decision making
  • Provides the economics per unit asset
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